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Content Management Systems

iTransact’s CRM/Sales system is built on the FileMaker platform. It was built specifically with sales companies in mind. It has been in use since 2007 and has seen many hundreds of users over the years.

A great deal of the software we develop has a content management system of some kind at its core.

We have developed content managements systems for buildings management and control; for companies in the entertainment industry to manage act bookings, listings and sales; to manage ticket sales for music festivals; to manage iOS and Android app development; for brokers in various industries to manage their client relationships and sales; and a host of other solutions.

A little more detail about our CRM/Sales system for broking companies follows.

Over time our CRM/Sales system has evolved and has been fine-tuned to suit the way broking companies work. Further amendments are often made to suit the particular needs of our clients.

The system is designed to be used over a network by teams of up to about 200 users, although typical-sized companies are between 15 and 50 users.

A summary of the systems features follows. For a full understanding of the system’s capabilities, please ask for a demonstration.

Lead/client management

  • Lead details accessible on single screen, with tabbed access to related data such as calls/tasks/emails/letters/sales.
  • Quick-sort lists of leads.
  • Lead import from Excel/CSV with automatic de-duplication.
  • Automatic lead creation from website forms.
  • Users can only view leads assigned to them.
  • Managers can view all leads on the system.
  • Managers can batch-assign leads and move leads from users as necessary.
  • Tabbed user interface allowing quick access to leads/clients/calls/tasks/emails/sales.
  • Quick search for leads using filtering mechanism on lead name/lead category/lead campaign/opener.
  • Expert search with full searching flexibility.
  • Lead/Client distinction based on compliance and other regulatory checks as necessary.
  • CIF document generation, compliance management.


Call management

  • Intuitive call-note recording, presenting data from previous calls in thread and allowing the quick scheduling of subsequent calls.
  • Scheduled calls screen.
  • Updating of lead information from call screen.
  • Dial number from call screen (telephone software dependent).
  • Create tasks such as brochure sending from call screen.


Task management

  • Create tasks for oneself or others.
  • Auto-update fields on task-close (e.g. date brochure sent, etc.).


Email / Letter management

  • No need for Outlook or other email systems.
  • Create ad hoc emails and letters or ones based on templates.
  • Easily create email and letter templates, including the automatic addition of attachments to emails.
  • Force review of opener/dealer ad hoc emails by managers.
  • Outgoing and incoming emails automatically attached to lead/client and user records
  • Control outgoing emails in terms of content and in terms of allowed recipients.
  • Send emails/letters on behalf of others.
  • Allow office administrator(s) to manage the sending of all emails/letters/brochures to leads/clients on behalf of others in the office.
  • Integration with external mailing systems for large-scale email campaigns, newsletters etc.


Sales management

  • All sales made and recorded through system.
  • Specialized trading screens for many asset types.
  • Option to control sales based on client liquidity, previous trade settlement etc.
  • Optional SMS alerts with full details of sales sent to managers.


User management

  • Different user categories with different privileges.
  • Control emailing for users.
  • Fine-tuned control of commissions.
  • Create and disable users at will.


Commission management

  • Monthly commission reporting.
  • Remittance advice for openers/brokers detailing sources of commission.
  • Commission calculation based on monthly thresholds.
  • Override commissions.
  • Opener commission contribution by both company and dealer.
  • Invoicing suppliers.



  • User, date period and lead campaign-based reports available to managers.
  • Full range of reports including calls, brochures sent, conversions, sales etc. for arbitrary periods.


Complete App

The iOS and Android app developed for Complete Coherence is now at version 4.88 and is going from strength to strength.

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Social media integrations

Automating content posting to social media sites is a must in some circumstances. Our new tool for handling such automations goes live soon.

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Server migrations

With Windows Server 2012 R2 reaching end of support soon, it seems to be Windows server migration season for us at the moment!

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