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Software Development

Good software is an enabler for smooth-running business processes; and with administrative and client-facing business processes running smoothly, you can expect to see a decrease in costs and an increase in revenue. Our software is just such an enabler: it helps our clients save money by being more efficient, and make money through intelligent client-facing systems.

At iTransact we concentrate on four categories of software development: web application development, FileMaker Pro development, iOS and Android App development, and Windows applications.

Web applications can be tiny web-based tools with one specific function, or they can be large complex applications such as a ticket booking system. We are continually involved in the development of web applications that cover the spectrum of size and complexity.

FileMaker Pro is a very useful tool for rapid application development, being a database, user-interface and application development environment, all in one. Our CRM/Sales system is built using FileMaker, and over the years we have built everything from an SMS subscription system to a show booking system using FileMaker.

In the new field of iOS app development (for iPhones and iPads) and Android app development we typically develop tools that integrate with websites or other web applications and give our clients or their customers new ways of interacting and transacting.

Traditional Windows applications are, for us, typically tools for achieving quite specific tasks where web apps aren’t well suited. Our particular expertise lies in creating tools that integrate legacy applications with modern systems.


Complete App

The iOS and Android app developed for Complete Coherence is now at version 4.88 and is going from strength to strength.

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Social media integrations

Automating content posting to social media sites is a must in some circumstances. Our new tool for handling such automations goes live soon.

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Server migrations

With Windows Server 2012 R2 reaching end of support soon, it seems to be Windows server migration season for us at the moment!

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