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FileMaker Development

Our experience in developing FileMaker solutions goes back to the early days of FileMaker.

FileMaker Pro is a very useful tool for rapid development of complex solutions, particularly where changes to the solution are expected on a fairly regular basis.

Our FileMaker solutions are the core software tool for a number of businesses. They are typically multi-user solutions, sometimes across a number of offices.

We use the FileMaker user interface to the fullest possible extent, but also use the PHP API to integrate with transactional websites, use XML and XSLT for data interchange between systems, and even occasionally use instant web publishing (which can generate surprisingly sophisticated solutions).

We have experience in managing very large tables, and optimising systems to work in large-table multi-user environments.


Complete App

The iOS and Android app developed for Complete Coherence is now at version 4.88 and is going from strength to strength.

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Social media integrations

Automating content posting to social media sites is a must in some circumstances. Our new tool for handling such automations goes live soon.

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Server migrations

With Windows Server 2012 R2 reaching end of support soon, it seems to be Windows server migration season for us at the moment!

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