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Drupal and WordPress

Drupal and WordPress and the leading open source website content management systems.

They have large install bases, have many modules/plugins available to extend core functionality, and are straightforward to extend in bespoke ways to suit needs not addressed by existing modules/plugins.

Most websites we develop are developed using one of these two CMSs, extended as appropriate to suit client needs (these extensions range from simple image manipulation systems, to complicated shopping cart solutions). We have extensive experience in developing bespoke modules for Drupal in particular.

A typical Drupal or WordPress website we deploy will have about a dozen extra modules/plugins installed, delivering SEO functionality, image management, forms management, email marketing integration, social media sites integration etc, all in one cost-effective solution.



Complete App

The iOS and Android app developed for Complete Coherence is now at version 4.88 and is going from strength to strength.

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Social media integrations

Automating content posting to social media sites is a must in some circumstances. Our new tool for handling such automations goes live soon.

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Server migrations

With Windows Server 2012 R2 reaching end of support soon, it seems to be Windows server migration season for us at the moment!

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